December 06, 2010

The sky is bright.

The sky is bright, the clouds are low and im sitting here waiting for you and i find you in this waiting like i have so many times before like you are found in the early hours of the morning as we are gathered on the floor around the stereo listening to the sound of something true where you sit as we share food and old stories with new friends and consecutive nights of meals and wine and having nothing better to do i find you surrounding me in a crowd and the deafening sound of an honest voice is where you pace next to me as i walk away as the waves crash ever closer to my feet. I'm in this alone and we're in this together. A friend recently said to me in his absence from home "i am realizing how important all the insignificant moments are." i know this, how significant the weight is in the scrutinized moments of relationship. Monday afternoon doing nothing watching the sun set out the window, late Wednesday night with 10 friends, 1 tub of ice cream and a bag of plastic spoons, Friday in the front yard with new friends and no plans, afternoon naps on the front lawn, the many late night walks, early morning good nights, the shared food and homes, this unplanned community, the result of our need for each other and my need for YOU. We were not made to be alone, we were made to know and to be known, to share our stories and to love, sometimes it is easy, sometimes its a fight and so we stretch out our arms beyond our walls to the noise in the black and white to the gray of the storm where over thunder we whisper our song and in the dark we tread carefully. We stand on the edge of our hearts and all that we know and ask someone to come inside and, our small crowd, it increases over the warmth of a dimly lit meal and some living room dancing as the night hours end and the honest conversations begin, we are finding something we have lost and in the sharing of good music and food, in the noise of a band that we cant hear ourselves over, in the unspoken love for the people who carry us. YOU WIN

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