December 06, 2010

There is a sound.

sometimes ever so subtly beating in the back of my mind. It is faithful, it is always so full of desire. It is there when we gather with people but it does not stay only in our gatherings and memories, it was there in the building of relationship, making room for conversations that will pull walls down. It beats strong in the risk as we take chances together, having faith for better things. It is there as we fight for friends and strangers who need a true hope, it is there as we open our arms and our homes. I hear it beat in the awkwardness of stepping out of ourselves to make someone else feel loved, I feel its power in the small things that will influence more than we realize. Skipping in perfect time with the record that we lay listening to in comfortable silence, it waits in possibilities as we dream aloud together. In our small communities over shared food and ideas, it moves through our families as we joins hands in grace before a meal, it is in the voice of a friend who quietly shares with me a psalm that drowns out empty fears while another sings in naked honesty in a cry to his God for understanding. I hear it when i watch these kids as they're so full of soul, it will inevitably be poured out of them, the sound is overwhelming in the joy of spontaneous song and the exchange of stories between friends, both new and old. It is carried by this love that is too great to contain in the hearts that cant help but change things through the lives that will speak more of christ that our words ever could. This beating is underneath everything, this rhythm inside us all, it is His heart, His heart is for people, our heart is for God, this is our worship. Love is...

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