April 15, 2010

Rain & Creativity

Rain. There is something about rain that whispers to my all my creative senses "wake up from your sleep, sleepyheads". I guess its a good thing im at home today, i can have endless cups of tea and hit my craft box and make something exciting. The satisfaction of getting crafty is beyond describable, it makes me feel like a little kid again! Question is, what shall i make today? I feel for sewing but i also feel for folding, cutting, gluing etc. Perhaps its time to revamp my bedroom walls. They have been bare since being painted and the only thing that does reside is the tree on my feature wall which is made out of fairy lights. It was my substitute for a lamp and it is very pretty. I think i shall opt for the bedroom walls. Time to put up all my favourite quotes and bible verses somewhere where i can be reminded of them daily. I just need to rack my brain and think of a creative way of displaying them, blue tack just will not suffice. There has to be something lying around this house that i can pull apart and recreate to make it all my own. I have a mad obsession with bunting right now, perhaps i can write a quote on each triangle. We'll see, stay tuned for a pictorial blog of how my room ends up..

I love rainy days :)

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