February 02, 2010


Today i fly on a plane to sydney. As i begin to think about all scenarios i could be facing once i reach the airport my stomach gets knots and i feel nervous, only because im letting things from the past back in to my head. But as i speak to these "mountains" i can only feel the peace of God. There is something so beautiful about knowing God has got it under control.

More so my prayer today is that over the next few days God would reveal himself to me like never before. That when i wake up and i call His name, He is there and when i ask for more that He would penetrate deep into my being and wrap me up in all that He is.

I am so hungry and so thirsty for God. He is a loving God but he is also fierce & valiant!

Thankyou Jesus for a bigger understanding of who you are and a deeper revelation of who I am in Christ. I lay aside myself and ask that you would consume me today, that it would be less of me so there is more room for you!

Now to get ready to hop on the plane!

I will keep you all posted whilst im in sydney.

Love Em x

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