December 07, 2010


Who wants them. No one. The truth is there is an enemy who is as real as ever, and he wants me. He wants to discourage me and he knows the things that are closest to my heart. In the past 24 hours two things I love the most have been attacked.

One thing i know and am so very sure is that my God is greater than him. That the enemy has no power or control over me or my mind. That the enemy is under my feet and that I am free. That death has been defeated by love and God overcame this long before it even came to be.

Praying for Gods direction and protection as i continue on this journey he has set out for me and praying for conviction when I am not living life upright, and affirmation when I do the things that please Gods heart.

Thankyou Jesus for your discipline and for my heart revelation. I sense you close and love your gentle spirit.


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