December 06, 2010


Sometimes it hard to say how you honestly feel to someone. Sometimes it takes courage. You don't want to over share or push them in the opposite direction. Today i found courage and put pen to paper, to remind someone of their worth and how much they mean to me. Its in the little things, if you search hard enough, that you find the greatest things. I feel so humbled as i write to him. An old friendship rekindled on some unexpected terms has been one of the most incredible things that has happened in my life this year. You can so easily forget about someone until you see them again.

We get so caught up in our own worlds we don't see what is happening underneath the face of another. Late night turns into early morning as we sit and aimlessly discuss life, direction, our past and our future, faith, hope and love. It is in the exchange of words and heart and the rebuilding of this beautiful friendship that i am finding this persons story. A story that has stirred up the deepest desires of my heart, reminded me that God is faithful, and has caused me to see the world in a different light. I never thought my life would be changed whilst being commissioned to change anothers.

The father heart of God is so beautiful. It has taught me to love, reminds me to forgive and is faithful in all things. I want to share that heart for the rest of my numbered days here on this earth. There is an urgency in my spirit and a passion burning in the bottom of my belly. Patience I am learning, and also trust. Gods timing is perfect and I must remember that when i feel discouraged.

It is in this daily devotion that I am being challenged to reflect Jesus and be light in a world full of darkness.


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